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SKF bearings innovation and research and development

Release time :2017-12-12read :341

At the Hamburg Maritime Board, SKF Bolongsauss Industrial introduced a lubricant dryer with a compact structure. 

  With the new SKF, the compact lubricant drier will maintain the quality of the lubricant by extracting moisture from the shaft sealing lubricant by promoting reliable oil-water separation. 

  Even with oil or water seals installed, these fluids still require lubrication of the shaft bushing seals. This is how a small amount of water can be mixed with the lubricant, causing the lubricant to deteriorate into ethanol and acids, damaging the seal. This can reliably prevent the oil / water mixture from frequently occurring in oil-lubricated shaft seals without a plenum. 

  SKF Bolongsses Industrial Lubricants Dryer is equipped with a pump that permanently seals and associates the tank with fresh lubricant, removes dirt and measures in the tank. The system will force the air from the The lubricant is passed below, and at the same time, the liquid is heated to cause the water therein to bubble and evaporate. 

  The compact lubricant dryer will serve as a complete "plug and play" solution including pumps, tanks, filters and control units.