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NSK Bearings with spherical bearings


尺寸:40 * 186 * 49.2


类型:NSK Bearings

NSK Bearings through the "MOTION & CONTROL" (operation and control) technology, in order to build a comfortable and safe community dedication. While safeguarding the global environment, we should strengthen our solidarity and cooperation among nations, people and people through undertakings in the world.

Japan's Seiko Co., Ltd. (NSKLTD) was established in 1916, Japan is the country's first design and production of bearings manufacturers. For decades, NSK has developed countless new bearings to meet the needs of users all over the world, and has made great contributions to industrial development and technological progress. At the same time NSK relies on its technical advantages in precision machining to continuously develop high, refined and advanced products such as auto parts and precision mechanical components and actively carry out diversified operations in the field of electronic applications.

Gradually establish and perfect the trinity business system with production as the core, technology as guidance and marketing information as an aid. NSK will speed up the localization of this system so as to provide more direct and complete services for the vast number of users in China. China's industrial modernization make its due contribution.

Although its basic performance and deep groove ball bearings should be similar, but because most of these bearings are used in rough machinery, installation and positioning is not precise enough, the axis of the shaft hole with the poor or axial length and deflection Large, etc., and the bearing itself is not high enough accuracy, and some structures are relatively rough, so the performance of the actual performance of the same specifications of deep groove ball bearings to be marked with a considerable discount. For example: with the top wire ball bearings used in the spread of the shaft stiffness difference between the deflection, the bearings on both sides with a seal, can prevent dirt intrusion, the factory has been filled

Spherical BearingsSpherical Bearings

Appropriate amount of lubricant, need not be cleaned before installation, no additional lubricant, the top end of the bearing inner ring screws on the shaft fastening. Allowable axial load shall not exceed 20% of the rated dynamic load.

With eccentric sleeve spherical ball bearings and top wire ball bearing performance is basically the same, but the top wire is not in the inner ring, but in the eccentric sleeve. The bore of the conical bore spherical ball bearings is a tapered bore with a taper of 1:12 and can be mounted directly on the tapered shaft or mounted on the shaftless shaft with a tight bushing and the bearing clearance can be fine-tuned.

Spherical bearings are preferred for applications where simple equipment and components are required, for example for agricultural machinery, transport systems or construction machinery.

Mainly used to bear the radial load mainly radial and axial combined load, the general should not be subjected to axial load alone, such bearings can be installed inner ring (with the whole group of roller and cage) and the outer ring. This type of bearing does not allow the shaft to be tilted relative to the housing and creates additional axial forces under radial load. The kind of bearing axial clearance size, the bearing can work a great relationship, when the axial clearance is too small, the higher temperature ; larger axial clearance, the bearing is easily damaged. Therefore, installation and operation should pay special attention to adjust the axial bearing clearance, if necessary, pre-interference installation, in order to increase the bearing rigidity.

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Block with spherical bearings is the rolling bearing and bearing together a bearing unit. Most of the spherical bearings are made of spherical outer diameter, with a spherical bore bearing seat installed together, the structure of various forms, versatility and interchangeability.

At the same time, these bearings are also designed to have a certain self-aligning, easy to install, with a double structure of the seal, can work in harsh environments. Bearing is generally used cast molding. Common seat with vertical seat (P), square seat (F), the boss square seat (FS), the boss round seat (FC), diamond seat (FL), ring seat (C) T).

Bearings with spherical bearings are divided into the heart and bearing seat, the bearing is called on the bearing heart bearing the name, such as with set screw spherical bearings UC205 with vertical seat UCP205. With seat spherical bearings due to the strong interchangeability, the bearing core can be freely assembled in the same size and shape of the bearing.

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With vertical seat spherical ball bearings

With square seat spherical bearings

With diamond seat spherical ball bearings

Boss with spherical seat spherical ball bearings

With ring seat spherical ball bearings

With the ball seat block ball bearings

Suspension seat with spherical ball bearings

With hanging seat spherical ball bearings

Adjustable rhombus with spherical ball bearings

With stamping blocks spherical ball bearings

Spherical ball bearings with other seats